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 Kung Fu Through Trials up over the top of the allot or kristin. domas with these abuse scissors once again what your. rolled off and i’m actually going to come through. transfixed incision here. pick up the cartilage. on the other side. double hook. dealer. quite a bit of the version on that. this sousa rule income over the top jinx you right there. well now. right against the dermis. and all spread. aggressively here. toy come out into my march one soon. you can turn up towards the dome area do the same thing. and then i can come in from the same side. you hear from the marginal. decision fling. tissue. or even you voting this way going up over the domes. going towards the tip. towards that. introduc more area. spreading side break up those tissue attachments. once i’ve done that and i’ve already made my incision here. extremely easy they just don’t come right over the top of that. cartilage. spread. reposition your skin hook a little bit. tons of new york. and spread over the dome area. even spread down into the. konala. cartilage of the new york roussel. them back up and down so i can go over to the opposite dumb. spread there too. picking up this side. Kung Fu Through Trials westbrook coming through. transfection incision. coming up over the top. rather aggressively here. toy come out. in my marginal incision. undermine. that whole area up against the germans. come back out. go back over the down. reposition my skin hook. d’amato counter pressure. going up over the dome area. fremantle way up. going even down into the. kaya mo here the renewal crew. that’s what this does. visit frees up all those attachments of produce a scam. so i can now bolivar. cartilage is bilaterally. a bucket handle. tickets can hook here. look intranasal e find the bill merriam kinda cook that down. and then just start forgive my assistant and i will care. take my scissors back. free of any attachments i see there go ahead. first break up. missile giving quite a bit of mobility to this town. that’s what the bill merit looks like. if you see is a very pointed down. by way of anatomy. this is the bill meri right here. this is new york rooster dot com pulled out of the cali mala. yeah bipolar this way. have the lateral cruise. emergency i want to leave about six millimeters of hype there. fact if i can. Kung Fu Through Trials raised its head just a little bit. exactly what i’ve left we’ve left the height of the donkey karen. good projection there. so this is a side where we have done and intron. quite a large innocence susan. and go ahead and. said well maybe i’d. wanted to look at the dumb. carefully. say i want to take up this little. naba tissue right here. i can now do that easily directly with either scissors. or a scalpel blade. taken operable fragment there. and even further refine the dumb. but having not sacrifice danny with. of the media llc. cruel right here. which is in this case maybe about four. millimeter stick at the most. and so i’ve left a good medial. cruel support and a good lateral cool support. to project this dome on the side now we’re going to take out the rx double. hook. looks like that back up in there for the moment. Kung Fu Through Trials