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ot a single word? Game There wasn’t time, but he sent the money. Wait Game Is it him? Yes, it’s him. Where’s he staying? The address? Game He didn’t give it to me. But didn’t he say when he’ll return? He said he’d return as soon as he could Game Game but with an expression as though he was not able to. As if he was in hiding. Wait! Hey, wait! Who is it that sent you? Careful, even though he’s away, if you don’t behave like a wife he’ll know. Out the way! Caterina! [Singing] Open up! I don’t want to stay in here! To me it seems like you’re taking advantage too much! What’s going on Marshall? Zecchinetta’s yelling that he wants to get out. He says that the number of days that we’re allowed to detain him are over. He says that it’s his right to have either an arrest warrant or freedom. Captain, are we going to observe the law? Sergeant! Hand over Zecchinetta’s personal belongings and let him go. Captain, do you really want to let him go free? Of course! Didn’t the judge sign the arrest warrants? I’ve got both of them in my pocket. But Zecchinetta must enjoy a taste of freedom and I want you to take him to the square. It’s time to trick him and his friends. Get out. Sorry Captain! Me being released must give you great pain! Who was it that you got yesterday? My respects Don Vincenzo! Ah, so they released you Zecchinetta? Hello my friend! See you around. Yeah, yeah see you later! Ignazio! A nice sweet black coffee! At once. Did I leave the window open? Shall we have some fresh lemonade General? You wanted to know who we arrested yesterday? A dear friend, who you know very well. Me? Pizzuco. Look up at Don Mariano’s terrace Game Pizzuco isn’t there Game You know, he told us a load of things about you Game About me? He says that you do whatever he wants. Your hand is shaking. Drink up Game drink this coffee slowly so that you’ll remember it Game They don’t make it as good as that in prison you know Game You’ve gone all pale! Who played this trick on me? Don Mariano?