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 Flash Game? How’d you know to come here? A drinker’s hunch. Oh, that’s right. How’re you holding up? I’ll live. The government’s antiserum? It arrived in time. By your plan, I’d be dead from anthrax by now Or would I? There are no absolutes in this world. No plan is ever perfect. But the truth is it all began with your father’s investigation His partner followed up on it. And I executed it Someone high up the police ladder had my car explode  years ago Same with yours, too. Las Vegas Getaway Wedding were killing citizens they’re supposed to protect. And failing to expose corruption. What you did was no different than terrorism. I had to break some rules to get the rule-breakers. I tried doing it strictly by the book. I filed reports and petitions, haggled with superiors. I repeatedly conducted in-house probes on the sly. And yet nothing ever changed. You wanted  billion yen? I wanted the secret files you were looking for. To go public with? To cut a deal with government officials and those incriminated by it. What kind of deal?