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was more like a man with . It’s indicative of somebody that’s had a traumatic event, maybe ually, themselves. Sort of made sense to me from the way she was. She’d just say, It’s nothing. I weren’t abused when I was a kid. Nothing like that. Then she said her dad leaving her mum was what caused this, and her not really seeing her dad. I understood. I cut my wrists when I was nine years old. I don’t know if I wanted to necessarily die, I just wanted my mum to leave my stepdad. Me and Amy were quite similar. AMY: I fell in love with someone who I would’ve died for. We were in love and we were together. And that’s like a real drug, isn’t it? SOFT MUSIC If my man was fighting Some unholy war I would be behind him Straight shook up beside him With strength he didn’t know It’s you I’m fighting for He can’t lose With me in tow With me in tow I refuse To let him go To let him go At his side And drunk on pride We wait For the blow Ooh game KNOCKING LAUREN: Oh, let’s see who’s gonna be behind the green door! Hi! Master of the house is not in right now. She is gone somewhere for a minute to be somewhere. And somewhere she having dinner, so I’m having a cheeky cigarette while she gone. Don’t tell her. Shh. Cheeky, cheeky. Eh! Mi scusi. Tell me about this place. Alright, while she’s away, I’ll give you a tour of the house. Okay, ready? Okay. First I lead you into the main room. This is usually reserved for entertaining guests, but you can be my guest, darling, because no one’s here today. Okay, I lead you out to the grand patio. Please, please follow. Don’t mind me in my game Ah, where you go? Okay, darling, this is the grand patio. This is Cecil. Cecil live here. Cecil! Then we have the bedroom. It’s very nice. There are some cupboards. Ooh. See up here, this is where I sleep when the master come home. The toilet! Sometimes when I’m alone, I have a shower in all my clothes. I find this is the only true way to relax. Also here, this is the hook I hang from when I’m in trouble. It’s not very often. I’m a good boy. I’m a good boy.