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Last chance Bus but you can’t fake these. My God! Look who’s here. lt’s that beautiful Save it! Because of you, l had to suspend two of my best agents! Chief, l can explain. l don’t want to hear it! You’re just lucky we caught Burton before he could strike. But Burton is not our guy! Let me guess: Women’s intuition? You’re both fired. Turn in your guns and your badges. This operation is over! Come on, Chief! You can’t fire us. l just did. Forget him, Marcus. We can do this ourself. Look, all we got to do is Wait. ”We”? Kevin, this ain’t about ”we.” lt’s never been. lt’s about you. You come up with some stupid idea and l’m dumb enough to go along with it. And look where it’s gotten me, Kevin. l just lost my wife and my job because of you. So don’t tell me about ”we” no more, all right? They bought it. The FBl is packing up. They’ll be out of our hair in a couple hours. We could make the grab tonight. You sure you and your friend can get the job done? Would l let you down, Mr. V? Hey, man. l just want to say sorry. Forget about it, dude. No. You’re right. You’re absolutely right. l’ve been selfish. l’m always dragging you into everything. l never even asked what you want to do. l don’t know, there’s something about always having you around, that just Game makes me want to step up my game. l guess it’s because l always know you’re gonna have my back. Hello? Thanks. Who was that? That was Josh. Turns out that Vandergeld’s prints was all over the ransom note. What are you doing? Calling the Chief. No, you ain’t! You said we could do this on our own, right? What about backup? l got you, you got me. That’s all the backup we need. Triple TKA. Time to totally kick ass! Three generations at the Bureau and l’m the first to get fired. My dad is going to kill me! Yeah? What? Who? Copeland! Copeland, you dick! You’ve got a lot of nerve, calling. Where? You better not be wrong about this. What? We might be getting our jobs back. What are you talking about? We gotta go. What do you mean, go? How about this? RuPaul or Whoopi Goldberg?