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 Last Minute Makeover Reporter And so they started looking at making it–enhancing snow, enhancing rain. They started looking at hurricane control. There was a whole bunch of projects in the ‘s that started. One was Project Stormfury, which turned into a disaster when they tried to modify a hurricane. I’m Mark McCandlish. And for the better part of  years, I worked in the Aerospace and Defense Industry. I had a secret clearance twice during my career. Some of the technology that I saw or participated in the creation of tends to play a role in, um, some of the things that are used to control the weather. The very distribution processes being employed in the aerosol campaign– manipulating the weather, crops, um, you know, taking over the–the, uh, the food production or controlling the food production, the military applications– the process evolved when they realized in the– in the s that you can put things into the environment that will influence the uptake of moisture and where it drops out of the atmosphere again. My name is Scott Stevens.