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game Me game So tell me game Where is the Bastard We’ve reasons to believe that Pakistanis gonna be hit by a major toerrorist attack We also have reason to believe that the plan has already been game contracted for and the executioner is already here game and yet here we are, wastingour time with some hasbeen game You know, what’ll be really nice game if you can stop focusing on yourself for a and change start focusing on your country game ’cause if this plan is as serious as I think it is gameI assure you game It Will be devastating game Where did you dig her up from? Ever heard of the FIA? I was the AD for the SpecialInvestigation Unit game & I am the Chief Communication and IntelAnalyst at the CDGT game Is there any thing else? Well that makes you a Police Officer! Aren’t Police and Intelligence, two different things So are Brains and Army Officers, Aren’t they game ? and yet here we are, trying to convince you, of all the people, to protect our country Let me gamethink about it game I want to say to all of you that game it is the need of the hour game that we sign the PeacePact game This can’t happen, Molana Sahib game We’ll fight till our last breathe game Our Warriors will send these PakistaniArmymen to hell for sure AngerPeevishness and Reality are two different things game What your warriors haveachieved till now? Onlyof Pakistan Armymen have game madeof your warriors flee like a coward dog game Is this your Warriors’ progress? What do we do? Accept our defeat? surrender ourselves to them? I think my friends We should increase our attacksinside Pakistan We can’t beat PakArmy here,So what game ! We’ll strike beyond their imaginations What do you think game An injured Lion is less dangerous game ? Mummering in Molana’s Favor You’re just a kid only a kid I’ve been fighting this warbefore you’re born game You don’t know anything,You Fool game Mummering My Brethren game I’ll still advise you that game join me on this PeacePact game So we can stop this hell But Molana, this will force us tostop our activities we’ll be serving PakArmy game