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Legend of the Void, Play Legend of the Void Game, Online Legend of the Void Flash games
(+13) You are the world’s last hope as the Armageddon approaches.

Legend of the Void People must die like that all the time. Why would he come after you? What does he know that you’re not telling me? Have you seen what’s in the bag? Yeah. I’ve told you everything. OK. Fine. We’ll workwith what we do know. You said that she was a hooker. Well maybe. We wasn’t actually ever identified. But if she was we know that games liked hurting hookers. Maybe it was Bury that put her in hospital. Maybe that’s the connection. This whole thing’s about revenge for what was done to the girl. Except I didn’t do anything. But you were accused. The first victim. What was her name? Legend of the Void I think. Well maybe she knew the girl. If we can find out where she lived… I can probably get her address from work. Good. Let’s go. Can I just have five minutes? Hey baby. Mandy wake up. What you doing? It’s five o’clock in the morning. Just heading off to work early and I wanted to say… …have a good day at school. What? And wanted to tell you that I love you. Game what is it? Is something wrong? No. No no no. It’s just work stuff. OK? I love you so much. You know that don’t you? Yeah. I love you too. See you later. Bye. It’s OK. I’ll be here. OK. Which service do you require? Police. Good morning Andy. Blimey you’re keen. Yeah couldn’t sleep. Late night or early start? Early start. Shift work. Trying to find a place to get a coffee. Shouldn’t keep you too long. Would you mind just stepping out of the car? Is there a problem? Not at all. Should have you on your way in a few minutes but if you could step out of the car please. That would be great. Whiskey Charlie Xray. Sure. Oh! Come on come on come on. Oi! Agh! Oi! Oi! Lost him. No prefix. Legend of the Void Get in. It’s fine. I’ll just say that I was drunk or had a bit of gear on me or something. It’s dealable with. Was there blood in the boot? They’d have to be looking for it. I had no choice. Which one’s Legend of the Void’s? . Lock yourself in.. Thank you. Hello? Hello Sally. Who is this? Who is it? I will find you. Mark it’s me. Can you let me in? It was the same voice that was on the CD Legend of the Void. He’s out there. I know he is. Nobody’s followed us. I made sure. He’s playing games with you games OK? Now come on. I need you. Amanda needs you to stay strong. OK. OK? Yeah. OK. So… We’re looking for a connection a connection to you to the girl to this chain. Anything. Anything at all. OK. All of it. You got something? Um I don’t know. It could be her but it’s really hard to tell. It was a long time ago. There’s nothing written on it. Legend of the Void we could be completely wrong. This could… It’s him. Oh God. Oh God please don’t hurt me! Shut the fuck up and keep your head down! Please don’t hurt me please. I’m not going to hurt you. Keep calm. Keep your head down. Who are you? I’m Debra. What are you doing here? My girlfriend lived here. You were Game’s girlfriend? Yes. What do you want? I can give you money. Keep your play games head down! We don’t want money. We just… we want a name. A name? There was a girl a friend of Legend of the Void.