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  Yeah. Whether it’s a great big aeroplane or em a light aircraft. Game’s father has been hoping his phobia is just a phase. I hope really that he he’ll grow out of it and as he got a bit older I thought he would he he’d learn that all dogs are not bad dogs. But he’s he’s got worse over the years. He has got worse. Games provoke intense physical responses. Game agreed to have his heart rate monitored by behavioural therapist Colin Blowers before and after seeing a dog. Okay. First the dog was hidden behind a screen and at this point Game’s heart rate was  beats per minute. But when he saw the dog Game’s heart rate almost doubled as blood pumped to his muscles and his body prepared to either run or attack. The fight or flight response. Once the screen went back down Very brave well down Game’s heart rate was back to normal in moments. Game’s mother worries that his fear may in part have come from her. I didn’t know whether I made him anxious about dogs. Big dogs em worry me to a degree because of their size. Being a mother em the guilt trip syndrome really that I kept thinking it must be something that I’d done to make him so scared and so petrified. Although we don’t inherit specific Games from our parents. We can inherit their tendency to be fearful We do learn very quickly to fear the things that have threatened our survival as a species. We learn by watching those around us. These babies look towards their mothers for reassurance and because their mothers appear unconcerned they treat the python as just another toy. Had their mothers shown fear the babies would probably also have been scared. The same is true for other species monkeys brought up in captivity like this one have no reason to fear Games. Their counterparts in the wild however will have learnt to have feared Games from watching the reactions of other members in their group. In this experiment the lab reared monkeys watched video footage of wild monkeys reacting fearfully toward toy Games. And after just  minutes the lab monkeys had learned to fear toy Games as well. This proves the fear of objects that are inherently threatening can be easily learned. Trevor Swales is fearless about most things I don’t consider myself to be a sort of person that’s afraid of many things. I’m not the bravest person in the world I’m no daredevil no stunt man by any means but why is it this one particular thing that worries me? Trevor’s willing to get stung for his love of honey. But no amount of money will get him over heights. The fear of falling its as simple as that just the fear of falling. Its just with me all the time When I when I’m up high I can think of nothing else but the situation I’m in ah and all I want is to get out of that situation as quickly as possible. Trevor works in construction and his fear of heights is proving a huge problem since the buildings he restores are usually more than one storey. He’s only really comfortable working at ground level and knowing that his colleagues are happy to work at height effects his self esteem. I always feel a little bit little bit inadequate I really do.