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EVE OFFSCREEN If that’s some kind of drug lab, then what are we doing? It’s nothing like that. I told you, it’s empty. Then why was Seth there with those axemen? No one lives here, Evie, OK? Trust me, no one. Is anybody else thinking what I’m thinking? Forest, ravine, car? EVE OFFSCREEN So the car could still be sitting there? Unless those maniacs chopped it up. Well, should we try and see? Come on, we’d never make it by dark. And Evie can’t make it anywhere right now. Well, I would rather go into the woods than stay inside that place. Oh, in the same woods where they murdered Sam? CHRIS OFFSCREEN Sshh! Please, shut up! We don’t need to broadcast ourselves. EVE OFFSCREEN Nick, it’s like you’re all ganging up against me. How am I the only one that thinks this is a bad idea? CLANG Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. There is no way that I’m staying in there. Stop it. Look at me, OK? Listen. We find one room. We wait until the sun comes up. That’s it. That’s all we do, OK? What if those men come back? Hey. Look at this. You see that window? That overlooks the entire yard. OK? Hey, come here. Come here. Come on, look at this window. We can see the side yard too, OK? We’ll Game we’ll put one man on the back porch, one in the front, and we’ll see anyone coming. Not after dark, we won’t. Come on, Evie, OK? We cannot drag you through the woods tonight. We have to keep you and the baby warm and safe until Game Don’t make this just about me. I’m not. This is best for everybody. Is it? There’s not a part of this, Nick, that’s you wanting to be here? It’s not a part of it? What is it, exactly? What is it that you think that’s here that’s going to solve any puzzles for you? WOOD CREAKING Evie. Do you see those? Do I see what? Nnnnghhhh! EVE OFFSCREEN Nicky! What’s happening! Nnnnnghhhhh! EVE OFFSCREEN What’s happening, Nicky? What’s happening, Nicky? Nicky! SCREAMS No! Get off me! SCREAMING Help! Nicky! Get back! Nnnggghhh! Nicky! Ah! Nick! Nicky! Nicky, Nicky! Nicky, wake up. Nicky, please wake up.