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Want to talk about it? This place is amazing. How did you find it? The Coronation of Charlemagne. So game who’s “J”? Julia wasis my sister. She always wanted to be like the female version of Indiana Jones, not like stupid Laura Croft, like hard core Indy. She wanted to teach and dig, find stuff, put it in museums. She got leukemia early in high school, six months, she was gone. These are Roman oil lamps. What is this place? Heaven. I’m sorry, go ahead. Junior year, the year after, you know, I had this really amazing AP history teacher, Mrs. Bertolsen. She was Julia’s favorite. I guess back then I thought there wasn’t anything outside America, like I knew that there was because I had seen Raiders like a thousand times, but everything in school was, the American Revolution, the Civil War, America’s involvement in World War II, like they don’t even try to tell you how vast and diverse the world is, but Mrs. B talked a lot about Greeks and Romans and she said there would be no “us” without them. She hadshe had this bowl, this bronze bowl on her desk that she got in Greece and it had Cleo on it, the muse of historyokay, you knowso it had Cleo on it and every day before class, she would take this bag of dry rice out from under her desk and she would sprinkle some grains in the bowl as an offering to Cleo and I thought that was so cool! Like before, I thought my sister was just this big nerd and then after, it was like history had this game fairy dust all around it. And I’m geeking myself out! But, I owe it to Julia to get this degree. This is popup puzzle, of the Vatican? Which is really weird and really cool at the same time. I wrote to you in there. What are you going to do about Hadley? Hadley. Anna. I mean, I wish it was and the fact of the matter is, you need him to get your degree. Ben, no offense, but you don’t know him the way that I know him. Can I read what you have? I might be able to help. You can read it on one condition. Why do you keep your diploma in your closet? Ahhhh game of your soul to get one of those pieces of paper, right?