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 So you might expect the December solstice to be the coldest day of the year. But it’s not. On average, temperatures on the th of January are colder than they are in mid-December. But, you say, the days are getting longer. The northern hemisphere is getting more sun. It should be warming up. In Yellowknife, there are people whose livelihoods depend on the way winter’s peak is delayed. In the driving seat is Blair Weatherby. His family have been driving through the bitter cold of this region for three generations. He’s not an ordinary trucker. He’s an ice road trucker. And this is his highway. In the summer, what happens here? We’d be in a boat! That’s because we’re not driving on land, but on a frozen lake. So really to appreciate Yellowknife’s splendid isolation, you have to look at a map. And here it is, right on Great Slave Lake. But it’s surrounded by water and tundra. So at this time of year, of course, it freezes, and Yellowknife, and all these tiny, little, incredibly remote communities can get linked up by the ice roads.