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So I came back for a while. Whatever it means, to come back games I’ve been a boarding student since primary school. You were lucky that you get to know your mother. Mine died giving birth to me. And I faintly remember my father. He had cancer, colon cancer. In other words, he came to a sticky end. I fell in love with a boy in İzmir, he loved me too. Then I learned that he was married. His wife, her brothers and so on, things got really messed up in İzmir. So I just came back here. And here my grandmother is ill. I keep rushing her to doctors and hospitals and so on. In short, games “On the road of sorrows for years, I’m neither the first, nor the last. Life is putting me down; I’m a child of sorrow.” I don’t like Orhan Gencebay. This is not an Orhan Gencebay song. I know, but I don’t like him. He plans every little thing. I mean games Right, maybe he’s the best “baglama” player in the country; games or, he’s great at changing four modes just in the intro of the song and so on. But why put the guitar into it? I think he doesn’t behave as he feels. He doesn’t seem sincere to me. But Ferdi is different. He seems more straightforward to me. He does as he feels, without planning. He doesn’t get into things he doesn’t know. He may know only three things, but he’s the one who knows them the best. Orhan would tear himself up saying “I know too”; games but Ferdi would just sing “I miss you too”. What have you done, man? If you knew so much, why didn’t you games tell it all to your wife? She wouldn’t listen to me. And she already knows all of this. Everyone knows these. These are things we all know. Our problem is bigger. It’s not something that a goddess games or whatever can heal, as it turns out. Well, you don’t like Gencebay, you don’t like Shakespeare games We need something else. Something we never knew before. Your path is a hard one. This is the hand we are dealt. It’s always the same. However you arrange the cards. No matter whose story you hear, it’s the same words, same types, games same boring plans. So you say, games