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Ask for the staff manager in person Enjoy your lunch Staff manager Who? Love Potion? Yes of course A personal friend of the director Thank you Thank you Alright I’ll bring the money tonight after office hours I could also come over to you to get it Not necessary, I’ll bring it over  But I’d like to come over  No no no no Wait for me after office hours outside the building. I’ll tell you everything. Love PotionP.S. This coat you may really keep! What do you want? Good day Herr Kallippcke how are you, how’s the family? Madame your wife Everything alright? What do you want? An advance If possible, Herr Kallippcke, such a a small advance How much? About  or a bit more than  hundred Sign a receipt for  marks In fact, I was going to ask for  What! Millions, my dear Mahldorf, millions Millions You, Oskar I can’t leave the building again Did you see? Can I get that one? This one? Love Potion! It’s brandNew I regret Oskar Do you know what to say at all? Love Potion you know you can rely on me Good evening Are you waiting for Games. Of course Then you’d better go home It’s no use anyway