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Some people are exempt. Bollocks. Some people lead a charmed life, and I’m one of them. Walter Walt carats bollocks. And I lead a charmed life. No, I’m an expert and you’re not. I’m an expert on everything. I know about fashion, polo, criminal psychology, the internal combustion engine Game Rubbish. It’s all part of my job. embroidery Game Nuclear submarines Game Not an A level to my name, and I’m Game What’s that word Game I’m an om Game omnipast? omniscient? Yes, I even knew that. I’ve seen and done everything, much more than you. You’re just a specialist, and I’m Game What’s that word? Shut up. Multiple choice, is it dilettante, polymath Game Or ectomorph? You’re laughing at me. You can’t even speak proper English. I don’t have to, I’m not English. You’re so smug. All you know about is football and jazz. And Game Saving people’s lives. Saving lives. That wasn’t on your list, Miss polymath. I knew it was polymath. Saving people’s lives. Just delight to see that? D Games Vib tabules. Charge. Shoot. Alright, everyone. Close them up. Thank you. Once again we are champions. Your patient today. How bad was he? He would’ve died tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. Now he’ll have another years. You have power over death. A doctor’s triumphs are only temporary. I learn that from Victor Chang. The man you studied under in Sidney? Yes. He treated the whole patient, and without any ego with love, as you said. So what happened to him? years ago he was ambushed for money on his way to work. He refused to pay, so the guy shot Victor twice in the head. Where you are, death will find you. Even if you’re in a house built up strong and whole. That’s from the Qur Games an. I studied Islam a few years ago. When I was preparing for a trip to Pakistan. See? I was getting ready for you before I even knew you. Whose car is this? My butler’s. What’s your butler driving? Games My Audi. Lucky butler. Where are we going? To the very edge of the kingdom. Come on. Look at this. Now, be careful.