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    Master Utamaru?! What… What are you doing here? Master? Oh, you’re class C. It’s so hot. So hot. Sooooo hot. It’s rough being a person in this heat. But it’s rough being a New Games, too. Mad Rural Driver! Must save electricity. It’s so hot! So hot! I can’t do anything in this heat. Isn’t there any way to cool down? I got it! When it’s hot… you should go somewhere hotter. Then you’ll forget it was hot! To Hawaii! HONEYMOON lN HAWAII FIRST FIND A HUSBAND OK! Rent-a… New Games. Games. Feeling lonely? I’ll lend you a New Games. So hot! What? Where is everyone? Ah, I thought I’d been left behind. So hot! WIN A TRIP TO HAWAII Hawaii? Honeymoon! Games RENT-A-CAR Hello and welcome to Games Rent-a-Car. Hawaii. I’d like Hawaii. How can I go to Hawaii? One customer will win a trip to Hawaii in our drawing. Offer is limited to customers only. Alright, then I’ll rent a car! Certainly. We at Games Rent-a-Car provide cars in three different classes. With injury, property, and liability insurance, class A costs , yen per day, class B is ,, and class C is ,.