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Mad Zombie 3.0 but not allowed to sell here at this time Well, I have here That means If comm is Milla hay Move? Yes, as long as you’re not on track beach no matter not you the guy who Oake Lava? Yes You see my son on the internet very funny Good Very funny Can Take A photo for my Son With You? For my son De Wait, let’s move to the Lets take photographs up there with the kitchen? In the Truck? You’re Doing What? Send your photos a Mother? I want to put What is viral? Vнdeo Get out of my face It’s only seconds Video seconds? I recorded a video of second per day seconds of video? Are you kidding second every day, and then we see together was great Was Who in the virtual world is the real world detenнa not in Disney World? I want the That son You’re Doing What? What? Martin verti Game flour in general Almid Game n still cock the almid Game n corn flour for Pour cock? Yes, sir Hay yet? You? ‘re Ready? A Where did you go? I’m shopping Shopping? I’ve been calling, not raise The cell phone’s vibrating Calm down, what’s the problem? Calma? Vйalo What to Expect of Us? USTED you think? I think we have to cook We can do you ready? Yes How can you be the crowd as that? I do not know I’m back from shopping, I thought they did not have failures Disclaimer his tweet What? What You’re Doing? I noticed the map too See this photo How’s you get the picture? From the cafeteria Then you put on the line? You’re a genius So you’re the reason all the people here? You’re great thank All I have I ask? Got The Stuff? What is This Place? It’s the old Texas BBQ He waited all night and simmer encendi Game the was beautiful I took Hey, the phone rings, Percy Hello, bu Where are you? I’m in Austin Are you okay? I’m good how’s your father? Talk to him Hi, do you want me one I pick? No, are still thousands of miles away Not what I could go there pick Not so good I want to go home I’m lonely She’s a good may be some burns and knife I seriously let me collect Ten Cuidado! Le To enter the before school Mandare And You? Are you okay? I am happy! You look at this