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  Made In Mafia! I will never pretend to be a gynecologist again, promise. Oh God! When I discovered the tumor, everything changed. Tumor? What tumor! There is no tumor! Stop worrying so much. Wait for the results. Let’s not die before death comes! Hallo? Are you crazy? It’s two in the morning! We’re all asleep! You woke me up. Listen, you fool. There is a hotel  kilometers away. Buzz off! Who was it? No one. My driver. He came for you? I won’t go with him. I’ll brush him off. Listen. What kind of movies did you screen then? Only the Soviet ones. The favorite one was about a Soviet secretary. But… the secretary was a woman. Although she looked like a man. THE NUMBER IS SAVED Now watch!  How did you do it?  That’s my secret. Do you know how that stuns people? There was this guy, paralyzed for  years now.  He sat up on his bed!  And? And he’s still sitting there, for  days now. Can’t he lie down? He can, but you can’t cover him, cause his legs stick up. Made In Mafia! Come and see for yourself! The thing is, when God starts crying, the old woman will demise everything for us.