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Oh? Nishimiya? Huh? You giving me this? Thanks. Can I open it here? Games What are these? Games Thank you very much. Games ige Games oo Games What? About this? I Games ige Games moo Games Huh? Games I lige moo! Moon? Agree. It’s beautiful. Ni..Nishimiya!? (From: Big friend Nagatsuka) How about we go out and see a movie now? Hey Nagatsuka-kun, Can you see this as a moon? Huh? I cannot see this as a moon. Hummm. C–Candy? It is not candies. Nishimiya gave them just now, but I’m not sure what these are. Huh? Oh.. What’s the matter, sis? “I said I like you to Ishida-kun” Oh, really!? But he didn’t understand what I said. Huh Games Wow, you have changed your hairstyle. Why changed? What happened? It matches you so much! Stop, stop you all. I was in a bit of rush this morning, that’s all. But that looks great anyway. Hi, Kawai-san. Why you have changed your hairstyle? Hummm. I don’t have any special reason to do it. I see. That’s what girls do, you know? Ok. What? By the way, Mashiba-kun said he wants to be friends with you. Huh? Why Games why are you here today. I’m Sahara, nice to meet you. Me too. I’m Mashiba. Hey! Stop doing that over my head! Miyo-chan, long time no see. By the way, where is Nishimiya today? Sis went home as she had a stomachache. Umm.. I wonder if she is avoiding me Games ? Why do you think so? The other day, She was trying hard to tell me something, but I couldn’t understand what she said. Huh, what did sis tried to tell? Moon Pff! I can’t understand very simple words she said. I guess that would make her mad. If you want to know if sis is avoiding you or not, why don’t you invite her out for something? If she is angry, she will say “no”. Oh, That’s a good idea. (From: Ishida) We plan to go to an amusement park, and how about going together if you like? Hi all, let’s start with that roller coaster! Follow me so that you don’t lost! Hey, why is that girl leading us? I don’t know. Ishida. Who’s that girl? Oh! She seems too familiar with sis. Ueno.. Why.. Is she Shoko’s friend? Y–yes. When we were in the elementary school. Hmmmm Games Can I sit next to you, Sahara-san? Yeah, of course. Are you all ready? Yeah!! Then let’s start. Sahara-san are you ok to be with Ueno? Huh? Yes. I’m in the same class with her in high school. I’m learning a lot of her taste and skill for clothes. I had been scared to ride this when I was in the elementary school. I was a coward at that time. But I changed my ways a bit. I decide to ride it before I decide if it is scary or not. Actually, I am still scared a bit. Hey, it comes! Hey, are you ok? Your legs are so trembling, Sho-chan. “Are you ok?” Ha ha. It’s fantastic that you can use sign language! You did your best to learn sign language, Ishida-kun! Huh? Hey, is this hand yours? You are so rude to my best friend Ya-sho! Huh? I simply want to be friends with him. No, don’t act like a child! Nagatsuka-kun is so funny! My permission is needed when you speak to Ya-sho! Nagatsuka-kun, is your hair natural one? What!? Don’t be silly! Hey! Stop touching my hair!