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Recruited people in Morocco because we were involved . Then had some skills , that got me interested . Ability ? Why did you leave ? I was dead inside . Wait here . I’ll be back . What the hell happened to us? I can not figure out . I would have given anything for you . All that I have. Do you know how many opportunities I would give you You ? Can not help , right? Where are you? I have to pee . Can I go ? Stay here and talk to me . Do not touch me . Stop it . Stay here. Stop it . Does not control absolutely nothing , His paranoid crazy . Where are you? Where is she ? She fled . What do you mean ? I think she ran away . Searched for it ? Yes , she was . Did she tell you anything? No, but I’m not surprised . What will you do ? Game . Come on . Good luck, my friend . May God be with you . Forget it , Scott . She is not worth it . Mr. Dolan . We were concerned , not to return . We decided to spend the night out . If you see my wife , please call me . I have a surprise for her . She is already in the room . She arrived five minutes ago . Had a problem with the safe. He had forgotten the code. Call a taxi. Game . Call a taxi. The taxi I called , but my wife went out with him ? I have to talk to the driver . Get the number of the taxi . It is very important . Yes , Mr. Dolan . It’s okay, Mr. Dolan ? Sure, he does . I lived in Marseille . one day my son and my husband were gone . He threatened her . When I realized that it could not back to my son , I was mad . were excluded with Moroccan laws . So , stole your child ? All mothers have done . Sure . How did you do that? I found out where he lived. When he left for work , I went in and took the child . Whose ? I do not know . The maid ? The maid ? Horrible woman . She fought . That ended with Ayub . Mr. Dolan ? I found him. Found the charger ? She offered him money to take it to Essaouira . It was too far , so he left at the taxi rank . The road here Okay , N , leads me to Essaouira ? Yes.