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Magic Puzzle – Harry Potter You’re killing me, Games! Your mother’s crazy. If I ever get that crazy, I want you to take me out in the backyard and blow my head off with a shotgun. You got that? I just don’t understand why we’re wearing ski suits. We’ve never been skiing. I saw a picture in a house I was cleaning where the whole family went skiing. They were all smiling, they were on top of a mountain…  looked like a lot of fun.  Of course it looked like a lot of fun they were skiing. They weren’t sitting in a car with no airconditioning on a degree day wearing ski suits! Full Size Magic Puzzle – Harry Potter Games. I like this song. I’m not in the mood for doo, wackadoo. Well, I am. Games, I swear to God, if you don’t turn that thing off… Games, slow down. Can’t. My boot’s stuck. What do you mean, your boot’s stuck?  I mean, this stupid,  giant boot you made me wear is stuck. Can’t get it out! You’ve had a good life, kid.  I could drive if you’d let me take off these stupid boots! Full Size Games! It’s two blocks! Keep walking! All right, that’s enough of that.