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pals are here and for his fourth time, he’s on a flight to Pyongyang. On the surface, it seems like everything is back on track Games apart from one very significant thing. Despite Dennis appearing to be in good spirits, the Christmas break was a really stressful time. He got a hammering in the press, and he was hounded wherever he went, which led to a number of painful family issues. To cope with the added stress, Dennis has started drinking Games a lot. He’s battled alcoholism for much of his adult life, and with the game just a couple of days away, it’s not the best of times to be falling off the wagon. Aw, come on! Ooh Ooh, ooh been running away for so long that I don’t know where I’m going to Don’t look back anymore ’cause some day I’m gonna find the truth We got to go. We got to go. I’m a man with a plan and you got me writhing inside loaded up and ready to go yeah, yeah, yeah If you get one chance you gotta take it and if you get one shot you gotta make it New York City, North Korea! This is wild! If you get one chance if you get one shot The American team makes a short stop-off at the Koryo hotel. So what are the first thoughts? Excited for the next two days. Go to a nice dinner tonight. And we’re really enjoying it so far. Having a great time. I guess it’s a culture shock in a lot of ways. This is something that we haven’t experienced. I mean, I haven’t personally. I’ve been to a few countries, but this one is different. So tonight will be an interesting experience to see dinner. Obviously, Dennis will be entertaining. As Doug mentions, they’re off to a fancy gala dinner that’s been held in the players’ honor. In attendance, a number of important dignitaries and personal friends of Kim Jong-Un. Hey, guys. Hey, guys. Lookit Games all this . Dennis, who has continued drinking since the flight, gets things off to an interesting start by holding the sports ministers hand as they walk into the room. I would like to express my thanks to Mr. Dennis Rodman for a civil visit to our country. The resplendent Marshal