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Magnificent Fighting of stomach Game and the tumor will burst. Or there’ll be acute anemia and he can’t breathe. He’ll hardly live for to months. Sir, one Mr. Anand Sehgal has arrived. Anand from Delhi. He was going to come tomorrow. Send him inside. Where will he stay? I’ve made arrangements here. He’s Trivedi’s best friend. He’ll stay for to months and leave. As long as he’s here we’ll have to Game Friend Game Hello, friend. I told you we’d meet again, didn’t I? Sit down. I heard you’re married. How’s your wife? Very fine. Any junior, senior Game Not yet. You’ve been married for years and Game You don’t have a compounder yet Game Go and consult Trivedi. How’s Tirvedi? His family planning is on. is more than enough. What about his children? His children? Yes, two plus three that’s five which is enough. Anand, meet Dr. Bhaskar Banerjee. Babumushai. Girls called you Babumushai in college. Dr. Trivedi told me everything. I’ve heard that many girls had a crush on you. Anand, you were supposed to come tomorrow. It’s a habit with me. When I was born the doctor had advised Game I’d be born on the st but I came early. If the doctor mentions the date of my death Game I’ll die early. I’ve kept my property in your office. My suitcase and a tape recorder. I’ve got clothing but no bed. Don’t worry, your bed is ready in the cabin above. You can stay here. I was showing your XRay to Dr. Banerjee. Oh, my film show was being held here. Hey Babumushai, what did you find? I’ll inform Trivedi, don’t worry about it. It concerns me Game why shouldn’t I worry? What do you want to know? Tell me the disease. What will you achieve by knowing. I won’t, but tell me. If I tell you, you’ve got Lymphocercoma Game What will you understand? What? Repeat it. Lymphocercoma of the intestine. Splendid! What a name! Sounds like a Viceroy’s name. What a great disease. You’re a great doctor, Babumushai. Lymphocercoma of the Intestine. It sounds like an announcement on radio. If women were suffering from this disease Game it would sound like she’s adopted an English Baby. This is no joke