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Manga School Time the general court marshall, The accused had obtained the benefit of counsel Game and judged his fellow officers are Game Colonel Pardee? How dare you to interrupt a military formation! Put yourself at attention! Yes, sir. Carry on ! Fellow officers Games who have due the liberation Game handed down the unanimous verdict. Guilty Games as charged! Proceed Firing squad, ready. Aim! Fire! Dismissed! James, my boy! It’s good to see you! Thank you, sir. Come on. I comissioned that man myself, but he turned out a petty thief. Major at ease ! What do you say now? A miracle, isn’t it? Chihuahua instead of Louisiana. Rio Conchos instead of the Mississippi. Riverview ! Back to life again rising from the ashes. Beautiful, isn’t it? You have no idea how happy I am to see you Come, my boy. Come. I have been expecting you, you know. How is that sir? Naturally your little little escapade in Presidio were reported to me. We are well organized. It reminded me of our own conversation. Colonel, may I talk to you? Out! I remember, you looked at me as if I were mad. Sir, that is not so. No need to deny it, James. I was not offended. Here you can see for yourself Here it is not all a dream, but reality. Actual wood and stone, land and an army.Now Games What do you say? I’d like to join you, sir If you still want me Tell me James. What did make you return at this particular time? You do not know what day tomorrow is? No, sir. I’m afraid I don’t. I can’t say I blame you. Not a pleasant day to remember.April th. It is just two years ago tomorrow that Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox. We were better soldiers, better men, a spiritous course, full of battles, Game and still we did not win the war. Have you ever asked yourself why? Because we were insufficiently ruthless! We allowed our own code of honor to destroy us But tomorrow, on the anniversary of that battle, I shall dispatch at least one thousand mounted men against the enemy Game and they will be ruthless. I do not need to organize them, instruct them or lead them, Game and ye they compare to the best troops