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March Of The Cards 2 But you’ll have to write something better. Bye. Bye. No way I’m buying a scooter. What are you doing? I make it look convincing. Fried rice for table fifteen to compensate for the long wait. Casper, concentrate. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Sorry. I’m taking this out of your tips. What’s bothering you man? My dad. I thought you didn’t have one. Of course I do. Everybody has a father, Pim. What’s his name? Bob. Van Laren. Van Laren? Like that optician? I’m not going in. Of course you are. He might as well be an old man. What do you call two fighting pensioners? What do I say to him? The Years War. No? Can I help you? He needs glasses. Near or far sighted? What line can you still read? The second. Read that line out loud. A, J, C game Is that an E or a C? And three times an O, that can’t be right. Does it fit? Yes. Now you should see sharp. Robert van Laren. Can you read that? Bob. Nice photos. My son took them. He drifts around the world taking photos. Normally he takes horrifying war photos. Do you have grand children? Sorry, we have to go. We’re already late. We’ll be back to pick a frame. Those are my grandparents. It’s pointless if you don’t ask more questions. I’ll call them later. Sure. I met my grandparents. At their store. They told me he’s a photographer, not a drifter. I want to meet him. You can’t. Why not? Believe me, it’s best for you. Casper speaking. Mom, it’s the hospital. I’m scheduled at am so it won’t waste my entire day. A pity you didn’t discover this hotel sooner. Shall we visit India this summer? Why so far? I imagine it’s a beautiful country. And our week on Terschelling? We’ve been there so often. India on the other hand game is an entirely different world. The orchestra is going to Prague. To enter a competition. But I’ll cancel that if you want. No, of course not. When you play in Prague, I’ll be in the front row. Promise? Promise. Are you sure you don’t mind being alone tonight? Hurry sweetie. Mom. Exposition Dark Shadow Robert? Hi aunt Hennie. Hi, good to see you. She’s been awake, the doctor spoke to her.