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it doesn’t matter what happened, really. You are just as beholden to him and to the system as you were before. Sure, you could make it so. He’d lose his job. The result of that being you would never get one. But if you want to do this, if you want to be a historian, for Julia, for you, for whoever, whatever reasons, then you game we, we have to, , even he has to, you have to swallow it, stomach it and go on. Finish. And? And look for something better. And wherever you go, it should be way the hell away from here. Remember what this cost and be excellent in spite of it. What will you do? I don’t know. I can’t stay here. Maybe I’ll go and work on a dig somewhere and just breathe the air for a little while, you know. Can I ask you something? Yeah. Why do you get to run and I don’t? Because of that stupid piece of paper in my closet. Dr. Rhodes. Stephen. It’s long past my office hours. Sorry to bother you. I saw that your light was on. What can I do for you? I just want to thank you. That day of paintball, I realized something. It don’t matter if you’re in Latin class or playing with fake guns, right? Or somewhere off firing real ones and worrying about stepping on a landmine, you’re still you and you can never get away from that, you know, but you might be able to be you, being Hannibal and that’s pretty bad ass. I’m coming back to school next semester. I was going to say, I’ll take your Latin class. Doing some remodeling or what? I’ll see you around, doc. That looks painful. I tripped and fell from too much wine. That’s what I told the Dean at least. Should I call campus security? I think we can agree this is quality work. It won’t always be this easy. I used to be you. I know. Now game I’d like to talk about the permanent position. You look like my auntie’s soap dish, man. It’s my understanding that zombies are less likely to eat you if you wear bright colors. See, now you’re thinking, right? Great news about Anna, huh? She got accepted, that postdoc program at the Academy in Rome. Gold star for us. Paintball this weekend.