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No, not him. Not the little fellow. Him. Hayes Stewart. He started out in his youth to become a magician. Magic is still his hobby. Hayes became so talented with his fingers. His hand was so much quicker than the eye. His greed so much greater than his conscience, that he began picking people’s pockets. And his career as a hoodlum went on from there. And here is my most brilliant criminal attorney. Being interviewed by the press as he stands beside his lovely young wife, Lydia. A man who in the eyes of the world, was the ultimate in success and fortune and good living. Game I’ll get it, darling. Game I’ll get it, my dear. You stay here to charm the gentlemen of the press. Will you excuse me a moment? Hello? Yes, this is Penrod Biddel. No, not this evening. Nothing that can’t be interrupted. This is Johnny Kelly, Mr. Biddel. I’ve changed my mind. I’ve decided to listen to your offer. I was almost sure you would. You better come here tonight. Take the service elevator. OK, I’ll be there. Johnny, haven’t you left for work yet? Look, just because I’m your mother in law, you could answer me. Oh well, have it your own way. But Johnny do you realize this is three times this week that Kathy’s had to stay late at the office? And with you working the graveyard shift you scarcely see each other anymore. I declare, I wonder why you bother to stay married. But then she makes more money than you do. I suppose that makes it very convenient. Very comfortable for you. Makes it nice and easy. Well, no matter how much I try to do for you and Kathy, it just isn’t appreciated. Sometimes Games Sometimes, I think you don’t like me coming over. But after all, Kathy’s all I’ve got. I’ll tell you this, Johnny Kelly, if I were Kathy, I wouldn’t stand it for a minute. I’d just walk out. Do you hear me? Goodbye, Mother. I want to talk to you. You did. Last night. Whatever you left out, your mother filled in today. Don’t leave this minute, please. I’m sorry, I have to, Kathy