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It is, or Saint Nicholas as he used to be called. GIRL So how’s this a scary story? In the bleak mid-winter Long Who’s that? Who’s that? That’s Krampus. You’ve never heard of Krampus? Well Krampus is old, very old. Old as time itself. And just as Santa rewards good little girls and boys, Krampus punishes the bad ones. GIRL That’s not a true story. Don’t be so sure child. As with many ancient stories, the Krampus has passed from legend into superstition. But old and forgotten things have a way of ever so slowly creeping back into our world. Snow had fallen, snow on snow Snow on snow In the bleak mid-winter Long Ago FOREBODING MUSIC I got you! No. Yes Zoe, you’re it! Zoe’s it, I got her! SAD MUSIC What are you doing, Zoe? Gross! Don’t touch it! Why? You’re weird, stay away from me, Zoe. FOREBODING MUSIC CALMING MUSIC Yes Tristan, it was me. It was me all along. Strong for you, my one true love. Remember, with Christmas around the corner. It’s extra important to listen to your parents. MIDDLE GIRL So you don’t end up on the naughty list. Hey! Turn it back! UPBEAT CHRISTMAS MUSIC What, you didn’t hear me? My love for you is strong like a tiger. TRISTAN Then kiss me, Tigress. My love for you flows like a river. Like the mighty Amazon. Like the ancient Nile of Egypt. FOREBODING MUSIC GROWLING Laundry needs folding, Now, move it! ANTICIPATING MUSIC SWANKY MUSIC Wow, what are you doing? I’m gonna have my way with you. That’s rather fast. MAN Right. SWANKY MUSIC What the hell? Bed, now. Ow, you’re hurting me. Shut up. FOREBODING MUSIC SWANKY MUSIC MOANING GROWLING MOANING Hello? Who’s there? GROWLING Holy ! FOREBODING MUSIC SCREAMING Teddy? FOREBODING MUSIC GASPS GROWLING SCREAMING ANTICIPATING MUSIC GROWLING POLICE SIREN WAILING ANTICIPATING MUSIC Dispatch, we have multiple DBs, requesting back-up, detectives and crime scene. FOREBODING MUSIC Room clear. FEMALE OFFICER Room clear. MALE OFFICER Fremont, we got a locked door. Here you go, sweetheart. CALMING MUSIC MOVES INTO FOREBODING MUSIC VOICEOVER We’ve got a foster child,