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I’m sorry. Yes, the English always say sorry so beautifully. It’s a power cut. Come on Diana Game Ready? That was fun. Diana, I want you to meet Hasnat’s grandmother, Nanny Appa. Hello. She says that you are a young lioness. You must forgive me. I can’t help saying my piece about the British. Now everyone please, try very hard to relax. Say cheese. Cheese! God, it was magical. It was like a dream of how life should really be, children and Game Grown up and grandparents living together, one big family. You know what your grandmother called me? A young lioness. She’s right, as always. Perhaps that’s the future. Being lions? No. Living abroad. But that’s impossible. My work, your boys. Yes I know, my boys. But Game Anything’s possible, isn’t it? We just have to make it possible. Yes. Yes? Yes. Yes? Yes. All of us, if we’re lucky, grow old. But in the future, old people will make a much larger percentage of the population. The old, and that will include me, will be weak. But we won’t be ware. This will be the final battles of our lives. And we must fight them, by establishing a habit of respect for the older generation. And by keeping our own skills fresh, so that when we’re in our s Game We can still be active contributing members of our communities and families. Thank you. Bravo. Bravo Game Professor. Games Please, call me Christian. Christian. Diana. I want to tell you something confidential. I’m very good at keeping secret except my own. I’m in love with a heart surgeon. He’s still finishing his PhD, but Game I believe he’s a man of genius. What’s his training? He was a favorite pupil of Victor Chang. He’s now with Professor Yaku. That’s some reference. I want to marry him. But, he’s a very private man. We can’t cope with England, so Game I’m thinking seriously about living abroad. You want me to find him a job. Yes. It was my son, William Game Who suggested I should clear a load of clothes out of my closet. And give the proceeds to the AIDS Crisis Trust Charity.