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Now own it. [both] These are not feelings of love. [both] These are not feelings of love. [both] These are not feelings of love. Ooh, that would go perfect in our living room. First, I have a taser in my purse, and second, I have your ticket, so why are you here? I gave you my extra tickets. And you’re welcome. Thank you. Now please let me enjoy the exhibit in peace. Materials Human blood and elephant dung. I hope he didn’t finger paint this. There it is. I knew I could make you smile. Oh, that wasn’t a smile. It was a wince. Really? Your humor causes me physical pain. Right. Mario And Luigi Go Home 3 Hi, sweetie. Guess what? That nice Ms. Mario Games from your fake intervention left me a voice mail asking if I wanted to chaperone your movie night, to which I will reply, “Sign me up.” Sorry, Dad, but you’re too late. Those chaperone slots are like hot donuts. They go fast. Darn it. I’m sure they could have used my expertise. All these squishy parents nowadays want to be friends with their kids. Kids don’t need more friends. They need old, scary people to intimidate them. Well, Dad, you’ll really be missed. That was close. Could you imagine my dad chaperoning a makeout movie? What? What did you say? A makeout movie? Dawn’s expecting me to kiss her? I’ve never kissed a human girl. No, no, no, no. There will be no kissing. Dawn’s still hung up on Max Morita. Now eat your apple sauce. Poor Dawn. I’ve been there. Bet she could use a hug. Mantra. [both] These are not feelings of love. These are not feelings of love. These are not feelings of love. Well, that was bloody awful. You seriously think a show like that deserves government funding? Just because we thought it was crappy, pun intended, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be supported. Maybe he’s ahead of his time, like Van Gogh. Oh, it’s Van Gogh. But if art is subjective, then it should be driven by the marketplace. So based on that logic, last year’s best film was, what, The Hangover? Oh, it’s up there. Come on, the naked guy in the trunk? Amazing.