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dress up games from my house right now, okay? ‘kay, wow. Bet you’re glad you got all that off your chest. dress up games Yeah, I am. dress up games Good. Well, this is, I can’t believe you brought him into my house. dress up games What is wrong with you? dress up games Mom. dress up games Hey, Charles. dress up games Charlie, sweetie dress up games Don’t call her that dress up games Go back to bed, okay? Say goodnight to your Uncle Christian. dress up games and go back to bed, please? We’ll go to the spot tomorrow, alright? G’night. Look dress up games He said that he has things that he needs to explain to us. Christian, come on. What do you think he’s doing here, huh? What do you think, do you think that he’s here. dress up games to make amends or something? dress up games Are you really that naive? dress up games No. No. I know. I know, I know. But, I don’t know dress up games Well, I mean, haven’t you ever even thought about it? Don’t you want to at least hear his reasons? I mean, I don’t understand. I never understood. But dress up games I just want to know dress up games I don’t dress up games I just want to know. Hi, Kate. Nice to see you. Christian tells me you have something to say to us? Hi, Susan. Yes, I do, but I’d like to wait for your brother to get here? I’d like to have you here all together. Chris? The other shed. Well, it’s a good as can be expected. Yep. Um, listen dress up games Susan’s daughter doesn’t really know about you yet. So I kind of think it’s best if you keep your distance, okay? You guys ever try to publish any of this? Mom’s writing? Too good for it to be sittin’ here in the shed. Is that what those are? I had no idea. Oh, you don’t really have a bathroom, so dress up games Christian, I never wanted to be a father. Yeah, that’s clear. Never even crossed my mind. Never even occurred to me that I could be one until I met your Mom. We make sacrifices. Right. I’m a person. That’s all I’m saying. Even before I was your father. This is perfect.