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open the ing door right now! Go games Right now! Go, go, go! Get inside! Get inside! Okay. They’re gonna break through. No, the door’s to fire code standards. Plus mom hates it down here. She never comes to the basement. She’s not a she anymore, Sydney. Oh, I found it! Ow! ! Oh, f games Forgive my ever-loving mouth but what the are we supposed to do now? Anybody? Oh games What a wonderful selection. Uh, those are vintage. Really? I see that. It’s a Bordeaux. Excuse me. Hey. I forgot my bottle opener upstairs. Can you help me open this? Young man. Yeah, actually. I have a trick. You put the base in your shoe so the glass doesn’t break. What? You’ve blood on your face. Ah! It worked. Ha. I could have saved my last marriage if I had a trick like that. The dames must be dancing all over you. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m swimming in putang as my friends like to call it. Oh, God. They’re not dames anymore. Thanks. What? I don’t know. I think, you know games You’d think she’d be grateful that I’m here. That I’m helping out. I know she still treats me like an employee, even now. You know games She’s holding up. She’s just afraid. I am, too. Yeah. I shot myself. No, I mean it. I shot myself. Sorry. Work of art right there. It’s not bad. You’re kidding, right? It looks like games games we’re all taking a shit or something. When my, uh games When my pops died games games my ma could barely even look at that thing. You said there were good times in your toast. Good times games They both hated me. To mom I was just a problem and, uh, to dad I was just some freak he couldn’t care. And if there were good times, I games I wasn’t invited. You don’t look so hot. Ah, you know, all those people up there and games Just all of the games I’m sorry games games about everything. You know, I just realized if we all make it out of here alive games games there’s a great chance I’m gonna get reelected ’cause I have a hell of a lot to say. Ah. Yeah. With all that going on out there games How did you know what to do?