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“Do you want to go a date?” A date? “Love, Edith.” “Principal Krupp.” Oh! Benjamin Krupp, you sly dog. Edith, the lunch lady. Big plans tonight, Mr. Krupp? No! What? That’s none of your business! But, if you must know yeah, I actually do. By the way, I was tidying up my office and I believe these belong to you Our comics? Did you just pull that out of the garbage can? Well, I read them and considering they’re completely implausible, juvenile and filled with the lowest form of wit potty humor they’re actually pretty funny. See ya later! Well, how about that That’s a good one. You know, it feels good to do something nice for Mr. Krupp. Yeah, you know what? It does. Promise we’ll never do it again. Promise. Oh, my! I’ve never been to such a fancy restaurant before. Well, I had to go all out for m’lady. Okay, if you say so, my man! Once again, that brings our story to its happy conclusion. I think there’s some valuable life lessons in there somewhere. What the? Eat ’em up, yum, yum! You gotta be kidding me! No! Yum, yum! Eat ’em up! Oh, no! Waiter! Check please! Principal Krupp! Oh, no! Help! Hang on, sidekicks! I don’t get it! I really thought breaking that ring would get rid of his powers! Yeah, well, here we go again! Tra-la-laa! Are you worried about impending doom? Those evil villains got you filled with gloom But don’t you fear, there’s a hero in the sky The sky, the sky It’s not a bird And it’s not a plane And it’s not an egg salad sandwich It’s the waistband warrior Hear his mighty battle cry! Tra-la-laa! Hey, watch out, crime! It’s Wedgie-power time Na, Na, Na, Na, Na Captain Underpants Yeah, yeah, yeah Faster than a speeding waistband! He’s bustin’ down doors While wearing just his drawers Na, Na, Na, Na, Na Captain Underpants Yeah, yeah, yeah More powerful than boxer shorts. His name is Under, Under, Underpants I’m sayin’ Under, Under, Underpants Oh, yeah, by some unlikely chance Captain Underpants is his name Tra-la-laa! Snap your fingers and he’ll be right there That freaky, bald dude in his underwear He’ll drop