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We just sort of started playing pool, then we went to another pub. And then we went back to Amy’s house. She was seeing somebody else and I was seeing somebody else. But I didn’t think of it as infidelity. I just thought she was, like, a young girl and she was a bit naughty. And I was the same. AMY WOMAN: Are you alright? How you doing? You okay? What’s going on with you at the moment? ‘Cause obviously, Frank was last year, um, and we haven’t really heard much from you since then. So when are we gonna hear from you next? What’s the next single? Uh, I can’t think of the next single. I’m just gonna write the next album at the minute. Uh game You having that kind of writer’s block thing or game Yeah, man. It’s hard to write, because, uh, you can write a million things a day, but it’s hard to write something that you’re proud of. So I’m just trying, you know, I’m just trying. I asked to see her. She was late and she came in with Nicky. She was a character. She always called me Uncle Lucian. And I really liked her. And I had enough of a relationship with her. So there’s no flattery, it was, like, blunt. And I said, Enough, I need another album. Now go and write one. This is horseshit. Frank was then, this is now. They’re all gonna forget you. She didn’t like it. AMY: Nick Shymansky. Yes. Sit up a bit. Yes. How are you today, darling? Very good, actually. Thanks. How about you? Really good. In between all this, she decided that she wanted me to leave with Simon Fuller to go manage her. She didn’t like being connected with Pop Idol and the Spice Girls, but I thought it would be incredibly disloyal, at this point, to walk away. And Blake was very quickly becoming a bigger and bigger character in all this. She was with him the whole time and didn’t want to go to places without him. We spent the summer together. She used to say we’re like twins. And that was our relationship. I’d like to sabotage myself and I think Amy liked to sabotage herself. Maybe that was our nature. I used to ask her why was she promiscuous and why she