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I need people to understand game what it was and what it is like. It’sit’s the last time you ever open a door without fear. It’s having the safety and security of your own home violated game taken from you, forever. It’s running down the street game halfnaked game covered in blood game screaming for help game praying that someone, anyone will come. But no one does. It’s guilt game mercilessly punishing yourself over whether you could have done something game anything at all, to have stopped him. It’s having to tell your husband that she’s gone and then waiting game hoping that she’ll be found, but knowing in your heart game she never will. It’s identifying her body and seeing game seeing her dead, lifeless face. All I have left game All I have left is game the hope game that there is more to this world game this life that we know. And that one day somewhere else, someplace else game One day, I’ll be able to hold her again game and look into her beautiful eyes game and tell her how much I love her. And then came Adam McCleish. Yes. Adam McCleish. That’s funny to you, John? Nothing funny about Adam McCleish. NetNews ran the whole thing, live, uncensored. They got prosecuted for that, as we probably would have had we run the full story, early on. Matt, do you regret not running the footage? No. Why did you choose not to run it? We are a major television network game and we’re governed by rules and regulations. This isn’t NetNews. Those rules and regulations need to be adhered to. I did what I felt was right. When I saw what was happening, I started shooting the crowd. This was onceinalifetime stuff. We hooked the live feed intointo the plasmas. What’s this? Shh. John Doe had multiple cameras running, and someone over at NetNews was doing a kickass job of directing the cams. It was a lifechanging experience for me, as I guess it was for everybody who watched it or has seen it since. Mm. So, what is your reply to the accusations that you knew it was going to happen game and that you preplanned the whole thing with John Doe?