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Mario be quick No problem. The mission remains unchanged. Sir, most of the people there are not potential hostiles. Kahlil’s extended family is part of his terrorist network. Now let’s get this done. We’ve been chasing this h.V.T. Way too damn long.Sir, one of the civilians is a baby. You’ll have counseling available after the mission. I question the wisdom of prosecuting the mission if it means Game lieutenant Lawson, you of all people should understand the importance of destroying Al qaeda. I also understand the importance of human life, sir. This mission is completely in accordance with the rules of engagement. Now I understand you’re feeling emotional. SCOFFS That’s not the point. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it means you’re not equipped to make cold, calculated, strategic decisions. Fortunately, that’s not your job. That’s for men like your father. Now let’s get on with this. I want you to get off of the radio Game colonel, here’s the thing Game we only have minutes of fuel left, but another reaper’s coming to take over for us when we’re done here. If it’s really necessary to take out kahlil, they can do it when he’s leaving. Your handover won’t be there in minutes. He won’t be there till two hours from now. SCOFFSSir, if he’s an h.V.T., then Game we had to divert reaper to an incident at parwan province and we can’t leave your hostile naked and unsurveilled until your new backup arrives. Still not an issue, sir. Kahlil won’t be leaving the location in the next two hours. They just started barbecuing a goat for his birthday party. It takes a lot longer than two hours to cook a whole goat. Oh really? How many goat barbecues have you been to? It’s a really big animal. It’s obvious. I can pull it up on the monitors and send it to you. Lieutenant Lawson, the decision has been made. We just had seven American soldiers Gamesed in Afghanistan today, and unless we’ve got a dead Al qaeda leader to give to the press, those seven dead soldiers are gonna be the lead story tonight and tomorrow. That will not make the secretary happy, that would not make the joint chiefs of staff happy, and