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People Game Games People have hearts everywhere. Yes, they do. Games Hearts that need repairing? Exactly. America Game Australia. See my point? If I could just get the boys away from here for some of the time Game Somewhere warm. There’s been a communication from my family. Saying what? Saying “you are , this is beyond the age when you’re expected to marry”. Haven’t you escaped all that? The press coverage stirs things up. The Phatan men is expected to marry a woman who will run an extended household. A woman who will live with her husband’s mother and family. Someone from within the clan. And what about you? What are your feelings? I want to save people’s lives. Hasnat, I asked about your feelings. I love you. But do you want us to be together in spite all of our problems? Do you want to make this work? Yes. I do. Then it’s time I meet your family. Are you serious? Uh um Game I think I should go there, and they can get a good look of how I really am. Okay, then we’ll go out there together. Hasnat, we can’t go together. We’ll be on the front page of every newspaper in the world. I’ll go alone. Doesn’t matter how much you’ve charmed the rest of his family Game But mother is the only one that counts. She’s the key. Tough nut to crack. She’s an educated woman. From a generation where such a thing is rare. I would say two things. Don’t try to impress her. And don’t imply you’re as close to her son as you’re obviously are. Diana, I’d like to introduce you to Hasnat’s father, Rashid. Welcome, my dear. Games Hello. Now then, Diana Game How good are you with names? Diana, this is Hasnat’s mother, Naheed. Lovely to meet you. Thank you. Sir Cyril Radcliffe. An Englishman by that name? Is given weeks to decide the fate of million people. And who advices it? Mountbatten. Your former husband’s favorite uncle. Muslims go one way, Hindus the other. billion people crossed the new border. Inevitably, there are crashes and massacres. One million people die. I was . And I can’t forget that.