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Mario Big World I just try to watch what I’m doing and you know, and make it politically too expensive to bother me. But I appreciate it very much. Well, I say a prayer for you every night. Thank you very much. Don’t use up all your credibility on that, you know. A few years ago, I had been invited to speak at a conference on abortion in Barcelona, and there was a gorgeous woman sitting in the front row and I decided I wanted to meet her. And we enjoyed getting to know each other and, uhh, she had this little boy who’s wonderful. And it was the first time that I felt that I could enjoy my personal life, to the extent that I had not. So eventually she came here and we got married. Say, say whiskey. Balvino. The anti abortion attacks had been frightening for Fernando. And he knew Dr. Tiller, he met him. Dr. Tiller was killed and he’s worried about this happening to me. So this is a profoundly, uhh, traumatic experience for everybody in my family, umm, starting with Odalys, Fernando and with my mother, you know, who worries about my safety. I’ve faced these threats before when I was single but it’s not the same as having a family that’s around you all the time. And it’s been hard for me to feel sometimes that Game that I can continue. Sasrita, tell me when did you realize you were pregnant? All the way back in October. Really, what’s been going on? Everything is going on. Yeah? Like one thing after another and I just kept pushing it back. Okay well, I’ll get this money this time, and then, you know, as it goes on, the fees go up, so there’s more money. Yup. So finally I said, Okay, when I get my taxes, I can go. Got my taxes and went and I was too far. Oh, it must be a bit of relief just to get here, ha? Yeah because I was actually supposed to come maybe weeks ago. Uhhm. And I forgot what happened in the first week, my son got sick. He was in hospital for a couple of days. Uhumm. Yeah. That’s a lot going on. Yeah. You know sometimes people think, Oh, you know, why didn’t you just continue the pregnancy and adopt out the baby. What do you think about that