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but I’ll be back for dinner. Well dress up games I mean, we’re walking into town, if you want to join. Thanks. Um, I got some stuff I gotta do here first dress up games dress up games so I’ll probably go in later, but you can bet I’ll at dinner. dress up games Thank Susan for me, will ya? dress up games Yep. Heard your meeting didn’t go well. Really, I hear you’ve been quite the partier. What is it with this parties thing? I go out sometimes. That’s what people do in the city, they go out. Other times, I stay home and I read. So, when you’re not at home reading dress up games How long do you think it took for me to find out about that college girl? What, like a week after we broke up. Yeah, kinda like that uh dress up games dress up games kind of like that tattoo guy? From your building? First of all, we’ve never. Second of all, at least he’s an adult. What does dress up games what does that mean? Well, was is she? Eighteen? Oh, Jesus Christ. dress up games are we gonna just make this about a girl being younger. dress up games and uh dress up games Hey, hey Charles? Can you keep up? Younger and what? About a girl being younger than you. dress up games Dude. dress up games Christian. dress up games What? dress up games I gotta pee. Alright, yeah, come on, we’ll go pee. Together. You were gonna say younger and prettier. Mr. Lynn! Pat! Holy shit. dress up games Hey, Pat. dress up games Hey, Squirt. Pat, dude. Holy shit, man, how are ya? You look good, man. I feel good. You smell good, too. Of course I do. You decided on a bike yet, Charlie? No. Tryin’ to get this one on a moped. Yeah. Oh, this is my friend Kate. Pat, Kate. Can I go to the bookstore? Yeah. We’ll meet you at the grocery store in like, half an hour? Nice to meet you. So how long are you staying? Uh, just a couple days. Yeah? Is Win here? Is Win around? Chris? Um. Yeah. Yeah, he’s on his way up. Grab a beer. So what is there to get into up here, nowadays? Honestly, I don’t even know anymore. Remember that kid Jerome used to hook us up?