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you ain’t no good to me, either. My God! He says “ain’t”; so cute. “Ain’t”! Are you pregnant? I think so. Why? What do you want from me? What is your name? . games I’ve never met a man who read his wife poems to apologize. Right? Isn’t that enough by itself? Is it? MUNICIPALITY OF AKHiSAR Now, it is simple. We get you assigned to a game and tell you what to do. You either chalk a goal off as offside, or warn the referee for a penalty. Or you get a player to curse and the referee sends him off. You might ask why the referee does not do it himself. Because the referee has deals in other games. We use one person in each game. In this one, we’ll use you, got it? Once the game begins, Samet will come and stand behind the wire fence, games make eye contact with you, and tell you what to do. Well, it’s only human nature, games you may be on a bad day and not feel like doing it, right? So we pass it on to someone else on the field, and the next morning games we gather for your funeral. Is that understood, too? Fine. You keep nodding like that, but this shit is serious, you know? You people panic once the game begins, mess things up and big men like games club chairmen end up doing time, and we still deal with this mess. Do you get how serious this is now? I’m aware of how serious it is. What do we get in return? Good. I like a man who cuts to the chase. Ten for the first job, twenty for the next; and then we’ll negotiate. Keep in mind that you’ll have more responsibilities each time. Today we have the Sindirgi game, at eleven. Get ready for that. Fine, I will. How about rather than paying me, we make another deal? My, my. It turns out you’re a real man of the business. Tell me, what do you want? I want my wife. Find my wife. Dead or alive? I love my wife so much. So? Don’t let her die games Teacher? Where have you been all day? I don’t know. Where is your wife? She went. She’s gone. Is she gone? You said you were games very worried about your wife? Where is she? She’s going. She must be on the plane. Plane? Hello there.