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I hope you’ve all remembered your check books for the garage sale. Sorry, auction. And maybe some big laundry bags. So you can carry your clothes home. Now, I’m not gonna stay and watch here and embarrassed you. But please, be generous. Because there are so many people who need you Game To be generous. Thank you. Hello? This is Diana, we’ve just landed. So tell me, how did it go? What? $, million? Yes! A written request for my CV from the world’s most famous heart surgeon. To go with my job application. There’s been a slight mistake. Did I apply for a job in Boston? Funny I don’t remember it. Things have got ahead of themselves. Funnier still, I actually seemed to have got the job. We talked about living abroad. But we weren’t really talking about living abroad. You’re a wonderful doctor Game I was simply using my connection. I don’t want anything from you. I’ve worked long and hard to get myself a life Game Don’t go and reorganize it without asking. I was trying to find a way for us to be together Game Someone has to do something. If you don’t understand how I feel about my work Game How can we be together? Yes? Boss, I don’t know if you want this. But Game They’re not so bad, your security. At least they’ve stopped making jokes about my car. Thank you, Paul. The big one supports Queen’s parkranger, I never met anyone Game Who genuinely supported it. Hasnat! I can’t seem to live without you. And yet the complications of trying to find some way of actually living with you Game Is just beyond me. But that’s nothing. You were trying to find your way. I’m so sorry. Good afternoon, Queen’s park rangers. Sir Game Hasnat, Asslamualaikum. Walaikumsalam. Hasnat, we’re all very proud of your achievement. You’re a brilliant doctor. Shining light. What did the family think of Diana? The family loves Diana. But it’s a big question. Should the most famous woman in the world become part of our family? And what’s the answer? Hasnat, you’ve been blessed twice by God. You have your calling as a doctor.