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I just saw this guy the other day. Did he talk with you? No. What about your father? Did he talk to him? No. I don’t think he spoke English. He just gave us our fish. What fish? The smoked fish. We traded our catch for the smoked fish. What do my parents have to do with all this? You remember I told you about sleepers, the inactive agents? They were all sleepers. Your parents are the only two left. Well, who’s killing all these people? Us? No, of course not. A renegade Soviet agent named Scuba. This is too much! What do you want from me? Stay around the house. Watch them. Look out for new faces. Someone has got to contact them. Spy on my parents? You’ve gotta be kidding me. You want me to help you put them away. Never! Look, Jeff, I know it’s hard, but you’re going to have to face the facts. Look, Mr FBI Man, if you’re so sure and if you’re so right Game then why don’t you arrest them? Because they haven’t done anything yet. You manipulating son of a bitch! Calm down! You don’t have much choice. They could be next. It wouldn’t break your heart. They’re just bait for your Scuba guy, right? All you care about is nailing him. You can come and identify the bodies. Good evening. We can’t help you. We haven’t done anything for years. I know what you haven’t done. That is precisely what makes you so valuable right now. Comrade Karpov, we are at your disposal. But we’re illequipped. Just follow the story. It’s all right there in front of you. A prick of a thorn and the princess sleeps. And many years later Game the handsome prince awakens her. It’s all quite simple. It’s a true ensemble, the Kirov. I prefer it to the stars of the Bolshoi, don’t you agree, Elizabeth? We can’t! Don’t you see? We can’t anymore. It’s been too long. We can’t serve you now. We’re of no use. We can’t. Please understand, we can’t. Elizabeth is understandably upset. But why be upset? You’re merely going to pay a man some money. How much money? What kind of man?