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Mario Ice Treasure  Its huge claws may also be used for self- defence… although even the most powerful predator would think twice before tackling so large a prey. In any case, this female jaguar is little threat right now… once she’s quenched her thirst she’ll find a shady place to doze in the heat of the day. Meanwhile the ground sloth, like the mastodons, must eat most of the day to fuel its huge bulk. This may be the ice age, but by midday, temperatures soar – drawing another predator to the spring to drink. The notorious sabre-toothed cat… Mario Ice Treasure most creatures give the sabre-tooth a wide berth, but this skunk seems unconcerned… the sabre-tooth may be the ultimate ice age predator but the skunk is feared too because of its unique system of self-defence. These stripes serve to warn off most attackers but perhaps the sabre-tooth has yet to learn exactly what they mean. Stamping his feet, the skunk issues a final warning, but this big cat is still curious.. And now the skunk has had enough… the dreaded sabre-tooth, killer of mastodons and other ice age giants, is defeated by a small but very smelly skunk. In the heat of the day, hunters can afford to slow down and rest in the shade. It’s one of the advantages of a high protein diet. Mario Ice Treasure originated here in north america and are regular visitors to the spring. The strange looking tapir is common too And there’s another animal that is even more bizarre. A glyptodont… this lumbering vegetarian is no threat to the llamas… but it does arouse their curiosity… the Mario Ice Treasure is shortsighted and wary… but it has little to fear from llamas… they’re easily warned off and soon head back towards the spring. But as the day cools down, another scent is in the air… alerting the tapir’s ultra-sensitive nose to danger. The llamas pick up the signals too. It’s the jaguar, back on the prowl. Though very powerful, she’s not a sprinter and she needs to get close to her prey before she strikes. This time she’s run too soon and it’s a fruitless chase. Then her attention is diverted… to a slower- moving target. Slow – but not defenceless… she backs off and tries a different approach. There’s obviously a meal in there, but how to get to it? She homes in on the head and bites straight through the skull. The glyptodont is dead, but the jaguar still goes hungry. Unable to crack her victim’s tough armour, all she manages to walk away with is a bony scute. The jaguar will vanish from north america, and Mario Ice Treasure, like many ice age beasts, become extinct. But at the bottom of a spring, one tiny fragment of an ice age giant will remain undisturbed for , years… while above it the landscape of Games will change forever. Next week: A giant flood sweeps the northwest. The predatory scimitar cat battles against the elephant-like Mario Ice Treasure And we see how people and giant beasts came together at the edge of the ice.