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Tonight was fun, right? Yeah, shockingly. How about a proper date? What? I’ll pick you up. You’ll wear your good jeans. I’ll offend you by opening the door, you’ll lecture me on women’s rights, so I’ll let you pick up the check. As enticing as that sounds, I can’t. I’m seeing someone. The motorcycle chap? He’s your boyfriend? We don’t feel the need to label everything. So does that mean that you and your nonboyfriend can see other people? No, I think. Look, I just can’t go a date with you, okay? It’s complicated. Well, if it ever gets uncomplicated, let me know. So I’m prepping for our makeoutathon. I’ve been eating eucalyptus leaves, parsley, and last night, my mom made garlic toast, my fave, and all I did was smell it. Mario Games, that’s so sweet. I can’t wait to make out with you for three hours. I know. Me too. And fingers crossed, we’ll be able to reach a legendary kissers’ high. What’s that? Oh, Bianca. When you’re kissing that long, you’re breathing in each other’s air and your brain goes into this sparkly Zen place and you feel like you’re floating above and looking down at yourself. Mario Games, are you sure that’s not astral projecting? No, that’s when you have a Mario Games dream. Hey, Bianca, the mantra is working. Last night, I had the urge to call Dawn, but I didn’t. At least not on a real phone. Nice selfcontrol. And then she sat next to me in study hall. Don’t worry, coach. Every time I almost said “I want to live in your hair “and vacation on the tippy tip of your cute little nose,” I did my mantra in my head These are not feelings of love And then said normal stuff. Yay. Go us.