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 Why would we not believe that it’s happening when what we see in the sky matches exactly the express goal of numerous geoengineering patents, about  or more? Why would we not believe this is happening when every element showing up in the rain tests are the primary elements named in those geoengineering patents? Why would we not believe this is happening when we have escalating levels in very short time frames, as much– as short as five years, we see rain levels of aluminum, for example, escalating as much as ,%? California air quality studies do not show these metals migrating from China, and it’s of recent origin. So, you know, this bombardment of heavy metals that’s raining down on us is coming from somewhere. Why would we not believe geoengineering is occurring when the weather patterns are so altered here in exactly the manner stated by geoengineers and reports on the consequences for geoengineering, which are diminished rainfall, which are increased ozone destruction. We have a massive ozone hole in the Northern hemisphere now.