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Mario Magic City Uh, yes, sir. It’s impressive work. How did you get a hold of that, sir? WHISPERS I’m in the CIA. THUNDER RUMBLES Jack? Oh, hey. So, this is, uh… This is goodbye. I’m glad I found you. No more P.T. work for you? No, just eyedoctoring. Congratulations. I’m hungry. You wanna buy me dinner? You know I can’t. All right, you win. I’ll buy. I’ll make you a deal. The day you run all the way out of here, we’ll have dinner. And split the check. See ya. See ya. Good luck. CHUCKLES Jesus, you weren’t kidding. You are in the CIA. Somebody has to be. Why didn’t you finish your Ph.D.? I joined the Marines. And saved two of your men. You handled yourself like a hero. If you still want to serve your country, there’s another way. You’re not really in the CIA, are you? CHUCKLES What are you? Treasury? Foreign Asset Control? You know, I’m not supposed to tell anybody what I do for a living. And now, look, I’ve just told you twice. What do you want from me? I want to send you back to school to finish your doctorate. Then you’ll join Financial Intelligence as an analyst. You’ll work in a series of private banks on Wall Street, where you’ll use your position to uncover funding for terror groups. Covertly. Yep. So you have to keep it to yourself. Your employers won’t know you work for us. The people you love won’t know you do, either. It’s gonna get lonely, but it’s how we like to do things. You know, people don’t like you guys very much these days. Waterboarding. Rendition. Not my unit. Come on. You can do better than that. I can. And I do. And so do the people in my unit. Which unit is that? The one that makes sure we don’t get hit again. CAR HORNS BLARING INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS I knew. I knew when you saw me ride it, you’d want one. Mmm. Nice. Yeah. Oh, her name’s Sarah, by the way. Who? The one you like in Arbitrage. How’d you know that? Why else would anybody buy a motorcycle? Teddy Hefferman? Sarah, yes. Jack Ryan said you could help me with the Balfour arbitrage. How’re you doing? Hi. BOTH CHUCKLE Uh, what do you have? This looks good. MALE NEWS ANCHOR