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Mario New Ghost Hey, you know what? I know how we can fix this. Yeah, I’m sure you have a ing wonderfully stupid idea. No, listen to me. What if I really you up? I think you’ve done enough. We’ll give you some really nice bruises, make it look like you tried to do your duty, but I stopped you.I’m sorry. Your big solution is to tell everybody I got beat up by a girl?LAUGHS I’m not just any girl, Jack. I could outbox half the guys at the academy. I’m well aware of that now, okay? You’re just Game you’re still a girl. Wow. You’re more concerned about seeming macho than about savingpeople’s lives? You’re an even bigger pussy than I thought. What about you?CHUCKLESWhat about me?Oh my God. GROANSHuh?You are facing courtmartial for gross insubordination as it is, all right? If we make it look like you assault me, you’re gonna do real time. Come on, the colonel’s just blowing smoke. Come on, they would never courtmartial me for trying to save civilian lives. Can you imagine the international publicity of that? Well, if they don’t courtmartial you, they’re definitely gonna boot you out of the air force. Yeah, I know. You know what? What the . Maybe I’m not meant for the air force of the future, you know? Maybe this was all meant to happen. You Game CHUCKLESAre ing enjoying this. Are you ing insane?You washed out of flight school and now you get to be the ing hero you always dreamed of being. This is not about Game Saving people’s lives. This about you keeping your girl macho thing going. That’s bullshit. You think I’m happy to get kicked out of the only life I ever wanted? MUTTERS You Game SIGHSOkay, sue. CAN POPS, HISSES Let’s be ing heroes together. All right, let’s do it.Hit me with your best shot. I’m gonna hit you in your cheek, okay?I don’t know. You’re the big boxer. Tell me where you can hit me, I won’t feel like shit and I’ll look like shit. Cheek’s good. I’ll hit you high enough, I’ll give you a nice bruise but it won’t hurt your jaw. SCOFFS How thoughtful. Thank you. MUTTERSWhoa. Uh Game Hey, you know, I still do really wanna go to that half moon bar sometime if you want.