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Mario passage mirrorLieutenant Ryan! Did anyone else make it out alive? Yeah, two. Ryan dragged them both out. With a broken back? Okay, we’re gonna have a look at you and it’s gonna hurt, okay? X rays are on the board. DOCTOR: Okay, turn him! GROANING Okay, clear him! FEMALE NURSE: Down on three. One, two, three. DOCTOR: Can’t do anything from here. Evac him to NATO trauma in Kandahar right now. Get an ear out to Dr. Hardesty. Tell him to prep for a foraminotomy or possible spondylolisthesis. We’ve got spinal compression and root damage at minimum. Lieutenant has about a minute window if he wants to walk again. Okay, move, move! MALE NURSE: Let’s go. Come on, come on! Out of the way! Out of the way! That guy’s done in this war. BREATHING HEAVILY THERAPISTS SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY CATHY: Gently. JACK GROANS FEMALE THERAPIST: Push more to the next level. CATHY: Good. That’s really good, Jack. GRUNTING Come on. You can do this. Get up. I don’t like you very much, Doctor. I’m not a doctor. I’m a rdyear med student who is four credits short in P.T. until you decide to walk. You’re sick. You’re a sadist. Come on, meet me halfway. Give me two Percocet. Get up and I’ll ask them for one. HARPER: How long’s he been here? MALE DOCTOR: Eight months. Think he’ll ever walk without the crutches? Maybe. If he decides he has somewhere to go. GRUNTS I’d like to talk to him. Sure. Not yet. But soon. Will you do me a favor and wait two minutes before you take that? Why? So that you know you can. HARPER: Lieutenant Ryan? Uh… Yes, sir? Please, at ease. Commander Thomas Harper, U.S. Navy. Why the uniform today? I beg your pardon? I mean, you were wearing a suit and tie the last time you were here. You watched me from behind the glass in rehab. What can I do for you, Commander? You’ve already done it. I just want to say thank you for your service. I appreciate that. John P. Ryan, right? That’s right. The one who wrote Liquidity Events in PostSoviet Markets? Twothirds of it, yes. My, uh… My dissertation. The same John P. Ryan who filed three separate reports on traffic patterns in and around the Saabir Khan Bridge?