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You know I’m right. I don’t give a damn whether you’re right or wrong, Roy. I just wanna see you get on with your life. Get it resolved. You owe it to yourself. So I got Scuba? Yeah, you got Scuba. He’s all yours. But you’re on your own. It is strictly unofficial. No one but me knows about it. Understand? Thanks, Jim. Don’t forget your Air Force applications. So they spotted him in a coffee shop in Fountain Grove. Fountain Grove? Wait a minute. Well, what’s the big deal? I’m just applying for traffic school. Down the hall, Grant. Room . Please. All I want is Saturday’s class. I don’t get in, I don’t get my license back. Sorry, Grant. Room . Room . Department of Motor Vehicles, please hold. Hello, Jeff. Hi, Major. What are you doing here? Let’s take a ride. Take a ride? Take a ride where? Why would I want to take a ride with you? Because I asked you to. Did you read it? I’ll show you my ID. It gets me a beer in a disco in Encinitas. What does yours get you? Mine gets me this. I could fix the license, but not that picture. Am I under arrest? What for? Did you do something wrong? No. What’s the matter? Nothing. Relax. I just want to ask you a few questions. See that storefront over there? That’s Congressman Larkin’s suburban office. Someone in there is selling nominations to the service academies. If someone’s selling, someone’s buying. Bingo. Aplus. Is that what you wanted to talk to me about? How long have you known Tony Stanton and Tom Stubblefield? All my life. They’re my friends. Friends have a way of changing. Now, wait a minute. How about their parents? Their parents are my friends, too. If you think someone did something funny, go talk to someone else. Okay. Which brings us to the Grants. Your folks working late? Yeah, they’re in the potting shed. I guess the mushrooms are coming up. Can I go now? Keep your ears open. You mean, sneak around my friends? You want to go to the Air Force Academy, don’t you? You think it’s fair for a guy to buy his way in?