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Mario speed Adventure Helpful For Those You Meet, And A Joy To Those Who Know And Love You Best.” I Just Try To Do My Job. You’ve Done It Well. Thank You. It’s Time We Pay You Back. You’ve Got A Room. Consider It A Gift. Thank You, That’s Very Kind. Noah Game You’ve Looked After Very Unhappy People Whose Lives Have Been Turned Upside Down. In The Process, You’ve Looked After Us. It’s Our Turn. We’re Going To Look After You. Why Do We Have To Move Everything? Why Not? We’ll Only Be There A Week. You Never Know. You Never Know What? What Might Happen. What Could Happen? Who Knows? That’s What Makes These Things So Exciting. Why Would You Want To Involve Them? They Make A Nice Background. A Nice Background Game Mimi, It’s Something That I Would Like. I Thought Of The Reason Why People Sing In Showers. It’s Got Something To Do With Cleaning. The Joy Of Washing Things Away. What Do You Mean? Dirt Game Hair Game Dead Skin Game It Makes Me Happy Just To Think About It. They’ll Be Picked Up And Brought Back. What’s Bothering You? I Think It’ll Be A Great Experience. I Almost Wish They’d Ask Me. Why Didn’t They? What? Ask You. I Guess I Wasn’t Right. For What? For What They Needed. So You Rent Them Out Instead? He’s Offered You A Good Price, He’s Given Them Value. You Like That. Dring! Yes? I’ll Be Right There. Mister Render Game What Are You Doing Out At This Time? I’m Going To A Fire. What About You? Finishing Off Some Business. The Day Is Too Short For Kind Souls, Isn’t It, Mister Render? I Guess. It’s So Nice To Have Your Family With Us. Yeah, They’re Enjoying It Here. Anything We Can Do To Make Your Stay More Memorable, Let Us Know. Anything! This Is The Woman Whose House Burned Down. Arianne! I’d Like You To Meet My Family. This Is Hera, Simon And Seta. Hello. Would You Like To Sit With Us? No, Thank You. I Actually Just Came In To Look For Somebody, But They’re Not Here, So Game There’s Still No Word On Your Claim. It Should Be Any Day Now. Oh, Good. It Was Nice To Meet You. She Looks Tired. It’s Been Rough On Her.